Also see the HAMMER HEAD Self-contained compactor... the latest in waste handling technology!
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HAMMER HEAD Self-Contained Compactor
Advantages of Compaction

  • Improves security
  • Reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Prevents illegal dumping
  • Improves sanitation
  • Controls odor
  • Reduces volume (4:1)
  • Decreases monthly spending cost
  • Prevents increased spending due to seasonal changes and increased business
  • Improves return on investment
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • Prevents wind blown debris


Self-Contained Compactors

Self-contained CompactorA self-contained compactor is a powerful commercial unit that has the compactor head permanently attached to the receiver container. Waste is loaded into the hopper and compacted into the body of the unit. The entire self-contained compactor unit is transported to the landfill for emptying. The hydraulic power unit is disconnected before being picked up by your hauler. These units are capable of storing and transporting wet waste. They are recommended for restaurants and cafeteria waste as well as small material waste.

GREENLEAF rents, leases and sells new self-contained compactors. Remanufactured equipment is also available with the following specifications:
    • Minimum feed opening capacity: 1.30 cubic yard (WASTEC rating)
SELF-CONTAINED COMPACTOR    • Minimum Clear top (feed) opening 35" x 55"
    • Motor size 10 horsepower
    • Minimum 48" ground feed height
    • Minimum 7 guage floor and sides
    • Rebuilt cylinder(s)
    • New hydraulic hoses, fittings, oil & filters
    • Clearly marked controls
    • Safety switches on all service doors
    • Safety decals
    • Fresh paint
    • ANSI Z245.2 Compliance
    • Equipment comes with a warranty
    • Rental includes full maintenance

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